Powerhouse for the creative arts

Arts Generation drives a range of creative industries, empowered by its belief that the arts are vital to our culture. Our business is communication, collaboration, and achievement with empathy.

We love what you do, and we do it well

Artistic & Entertainment

We support the creation of art with impact and heart.

What can we do?
Almost anything that makes it happen.
Office administration, legal support, training, fashion development, marketing, design, image production, photography, event co-ordination, technical and production services, and more.
If we don’t do it, we know who can…
collaborating to make it all come together for you.

Talent Management

We support talented people – diverse, unique, and filled with potential.

What makes us different is our business dynamic. We communicate with likeminded management companies so that our people become part of a vibrant community crackling with a passion to change the world for the better.

Business Consultant

We work in both government and private sector areas, initiating and managing projects of all kinds, from marketing strategies to complete facility design.

This means that we think outside the box.

Our specialty is matchmaking your unique requirements with currently available resources, enabling you to build the future you want.


Our Talent

Ari Kwasner-Catsi


Blake Davis


Caitlin Pentecost


Ciara Drew


David Andri


Eduardo Xavier


Elizabeth A.S. Routledge


Farah Sobey


Josh Wiseman


Louise Harding


Mia Evans Rorris


Nicole Torode


Our team leaders

Alan Chalmers

Your experienced guide through the legal labyrinth that is the world of arts and entertainment, Alan Chalmers knows how to achieve creative win-win solutions that get the show on the road. His years of experience enable him to make it all look easy.

Blake Davis

The man to steer your career. Blake Davis has worked in so many areas of theatre, film, fashion, television and entertainment that he’s ready right now to help people with talent and dreams to make smart professional choices and plan the future they want.

Farah Sobey

She’s more than a businesswoman, actress, television presenter and keynote speaker. Farah Sobey is a skilled business logistics specialist who thinks laterally, and enjoys finding unlikely synergies.


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